Wine production

Producing wine starts well before bringing the raisins in their vats.

My first task, which is not to be neglected, is the the pruning of the vineyard.

The selection of the vine stalks and their lengths and, how the trimming shall be done determines the contents of the desired grapes.

Also of non neglectable importance is the working of the soil, its protection, the thinking through of the treatments necessary to preserve the maximum of nature enabling a perfect and sane gathering.

Once all these steps are successfully done it's time to harvest the mature and over-mature grapes to be able to ferment the aroma's present at this stage for the vintage wines.

Picking of, heading off with the harvest to the fiber vats, fermentation and temperature control :

12° to 14° for the white, rosé wines
25° to 30° for the red wines

Decanting for the white wines.

Traditional wine producing, with daily rising for the vintage wine « August ».
Thorough selection for my vintage wines, long fermentation to extract color and aroma's to obtain full and ropy wines with silky melted tannins.

Extraction of wine sediments, growth on slender sediments.

During the following spring season sterile filtration for the rosé wine and very light filtration for the red wines will take place; avoiding ruining the wines whilst bottling.

The new millennium has arrived, the rosé and the white are ready to be enjoyed. Just a little more patience is needed for the red vintage wines as age lets them enchant your dining tables.